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I Have Lost My Incorporation Certificate - What Should I Do?

If you lose your incorporation certificate, it is relatively easy to get a new one. This blog post explains the different ways you can obtain a replacement copy.

1. Through your company formation agent

If you first registered your company through an online formation agent, you may be able to get a digital copy through them. Here at Company Wizard, you can simply download a PDF copy through the Admin Portal.

Company Wizard Dashboard

2. Looking through your emails

If you formed your company online (either through a formation agent, or directly through HMRC), you would have received a digital certificate via email immediately after incorporation. Use your email’s search function and relevant keywords to try and find it this way.

3. Via Companies House

Companies House keeps a file copy of your certificate which is viewable online. To find this simply carry out the following steps:

  • Visit the Companies House Website
  • Enter your Company Name in the search bar
  • Find your company in the search results
  • Click on “Filing History”
  • The oldest entry should be “Incorporation”, find this and then “View PDF”
  • The first page of this document should be the certificate of incorporation

4. Order a certified copy from Companies House

You can order a certified copy of your certificate directly from Companies House for just £15. Simply contact them to arrange this. There is also the option of a same day service for £50.

What is a certificate of incorporation?

Now you know how to obtain them, what actually are they? The incorporation certificate is issued by Companies House to all limited companies and LLPs as soon as they are registered. The certificate confirms the legal incorporation as per the requirements of the Companies Act 2006 or the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2000.

You may be required to provide your certificate in a number of scenarios, such as:

  • Applying to open a business bank account
  • Applying for a loan or funding
  • Selling / transferring shares to new investors
  • Selling the company

What information is contained on the certificate of incorporation?

Your certificate of incorporation will contain a number of important details, such as:

  • Registered company name
  • Company registration number (CRN)
  • UK jurisdiction
  • Company structure (limited by shares etc)
  • Company law under which they are registered (Companies Act 2006 for example)
  • Date of incorporation
  • The situation of the registered office address
  • Issuing Registrar
  • Issuing seal of the Registrar of Companies
  • UK Royal coat of arms
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