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Affiliate Agreement (£9.99)
Website Affiliate Agreement This document is intended for Ecommerce websites in the UK that wish to operate an affiliate programme. An affiliate programme is a method designed to increase exposure of a company's products and services by contracting out link partners in return for a commission on referred sales.

The following agreement comes with a step by step guide to modification and is suitable for use in England and Wales. There is also an option to declare the exact period of time that must pass before a referred click expires, this is a common practice achieved through the use of cookies. Below is a list of the key Clauses included within this agreement.

Application Procedure Limitation of Liability
Integration Disclaimers
Orders Affiliates website
Referral Commission Relationship of Parties
Remittance Modification
Policies Severance
License Agreement Governing law and Jurisdiction
Term of Agreement    
This product is available in Microsoft Word format. Please read the included guide for editing instructions. This document should be uploaded on to your website or issued directly to the proposed affiliate.
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