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What is a Confirmation Statement?

The Confirmation Statement replaced the Companies House Annual Return in June 2016.

Companies are required to submit a confirmation statement each year to Companies House. All companies must file, even if they are registered as dormant. There is no limit on when during the year the Confirmation Statement must be filed, however, no more than 12 months can pass between filings.

The purpose of the Confirmation Statement is to make sure that the information held by Companies House is accurate and up to date. If any company information has changed since the last filing, certain amendments can be made using the form CS01.

Including changes to:

Any other changes may need to be made through separate forms.

Please Note: even if there have been no changes made to your company, you still need to file a Confirmation Statement. Failure to comply can lead to personal liability for the director(s), fines, prosecutions and the company being struck off the register.

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