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How can you create a positive culture in your business?

A positive culture can have a positive impact on many businesses, and it's especially important in the early years of a business. Achieving it early on can help your business to grow and prosper.

In order to point you in the right direction we have compiled some tips for you.

Don't blame things you can't control

Blaming things that you have no control over, such as the recession, changes in law, cancelled orders, or inflation, is very disempowering. You're shifting the power balance on to something you have no control over and suddenly those circumstances have control over you. Think of it this way, you've lit a fire in a field with the hopes of starting a campfire. Unless you manage the fire and douse it as appropriate, then suddenly the whole field will be alight. In this situation you could blame a shifting wind for carrying the flame, the fire for burning too hot, or even the field for being too dry. But without seeing what you could have done, like dousing the flame, you won't learn from your mistakes.

This can happen at a subtle level but the effects can be felt widespread throughout the business. What you need to do is calmly ask yourself When this happened I wasn't prepared, what can I learn from it?"

This may seem like a simplistic solution but just taking a step back and looking at what you could have done differently can actually have a positive impact on future decisions. You may find it hard to change your mindset with this, but if you stop blaming circumstances outside of your control then you'll find that your business will start to improve and your employees will look towards you more for direction, because you're not being judgemental of others.

Be intuitive

Sometimes it can feel as though everything you're doing is turning out well and you're left with win-win situations all the time. But other times it can feel as though the weight of the worlds is pressing down on you and pressures from work are stacking up, inhibiting your ability to be intuitive.

It can seem like an impossible task but it is possible to consciously focus on being intuitive and allowing the intuition to grow. The best way to do this, is to de-stress, allow yourself to relax and feel positive about what you're doing. This can be anything from meditation to long walks in the countryside. It's about doing something that you enjoy so that you can take your mind off the stress for a while and come back feeling refreshed.

Be flexible

Often businesses are started with a clear vision of how they should look and feel, what they should be doing is set out in stone with the idea that if you keep hitting it hard the business will be successful. However, what happens when the business market is different from what you thought? Or, your customers are looking for a different experience to what you're offering? If you stick with the original idea you could be missing out on the full potential of the business.

The most effective way of combatting this it to listen to feedback, be observant and be intuitive. Flexibility is key in business.


Having a positive culture in your business can allow your employees to feel as though you know what you're doing and it can also help your business to grow into something more than it currently is.

Do you have any experiences of having a positive culture in your workplace? Have you done something you want to be remembered for in business? Reach out to others on our Twitter so that they may also learn from your good example.


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