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Happy Employees Lead to Happy Customers

Have you ever wondered why those which are happiest in their job bring in the most clients and those that suffer through the day bring in nothing? It's probably because those that are valued in their workplace are more likely to be engaged and committed to delighting clients and maximising their satisfaction and loyalty.

But how can you make sure that all of your employees are bringing in work like this? The following tips can help you change your business for the better and bring in more happy customers.

Create a Customer-Centric Company

You should be able to monitor the quality of the experiences you deliver to your customers. This way you can have an idea of the ways your customers experience your business and whether there are any areas that need improvement.

You can have an idea of customer satisfaction by using everything from surveys to social media to see how customers are interacting with you and how they're finding the experience.

Improve Employee Engagement

You can have all the feedback you could dream of from your customers, but if your employees aren't engaging with them, what use are they?

If you think about successful brands, their employees are engaged with their customers and are happy with their jobs. But how do you know who's happy with their jobs and engaged with their customers? One way is to measure job satisfaction during regular performance reviews.

Train Employees on Customer Experience

Employees at every level of the business should be educated on the importance of customer experience (CX) and how it can make a difference to the company. This means that front of house employees, managers and executives should all know thow important it is.

On top of this, you should make sure that all employees are held accountable for customer experience. This could mean adding CX metrics to any annual review that you do with employees. If your company is able to, maybe add bonuses for when employees achieve CX goals and similar Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Humanise Experiences

We've all had experiences with companies where you end up going through an automated process and never talking to anyone. These processes can be time saving for the company, but what about the person using the service? They can be long and drawn out and the option you want may not even be there. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone about your problem.

Also, when you're talking to clients, a please and thank you can go a long way in getting them to feel appreciated and as though they're more than just another client. Don't forget to smile and make eye contact when you're talking to people, it can make them feel as though you have a connection with them.

When people feel like they're being appreciated and as though they're connected with the company, they're more likely to recommend it to others.

Use Technology in the Right Way

A lot of companies use technology to measure and understand how customers are reacting to them. However, you need to take into account the Voice of the Employee which is a key element in building a successful customer-centric program.

Employees need to make sure their opinion counts. When you listen to your employees, they become better performers and are more motivated to serve clients and fix and issues they have.

Summing Up

Happy and motivated employees are the key to having better customer engagement. But how can you do this? Listening to your employees and taking their feedback into account, and not relying on technology can motivate your employees to be more customer focused.

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