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How can Business Owners Relax While on Holiday?

Taking a break from a business you own can be a fantastic way to reduce your stress levels, relax and just have a good time. It can also help re-energise you and help conjure up new ideas to help push your business forward.

But one of the toughest decisions you make, is to take the holiday in the first place. Who will run the business while you're gone? What if the phone is ringing all week with potential work?

The one key thing to remember here, is we all need a break at some point. And like most things, planning is essential. But once you've made that decision to take the all important break, how do you switch off and actually relax? How do you stop the urge to check your emails?

Palm tree on a beach

Self Focus

Anyone who has run a business will know the stresses and workload that can come with it, and the effect this can have on your health - physical and mental. Working long days to finish that important project for your best client, or worrying about how to pay the bills next month, all takes their toll on you, even if you don't notice it.

So when you're away from your desk, your office, your workload, focus on yourself and better yourself. Take advantage of the local cuisine, the sights, sounds and smells. Be selfish - you deserve it!

Scheduling and planning

Before you go, make sure everything that needs to be done, has been. Don't leave things until last minute, or even leave them hanging before you go. Having the worry of returning to something that was only half complete or only partially finished will only cause worry while you're trying to relax and switch off. Ensure you plan in advance to have everything tied off before leaving the office.

Making your existing clients aware that you're away from work for a period will also help keep things running smoothly before hand, and help keep the workload low for the first few days when you return.

Afraid of forgetting?

You probably come up with your best ideas when you're relaxed - late at night, in the shower, sunbathing by the pool. These could be the ideas you've been looking for. Take a notebook with you and make a note. You can do this with anything - that all important detail about a long term project, something you think a client would be interested in, the list goes on. By having the notes at hand, you're preparing yourself ready for your return to work. By knowing you're prepared (and haven't forgotten what you've thought of), you can put your mind at ease, and relax.

Do some reading

Reading a book is a great way to unwind. Even if you're not a keen reader, take one with you. The genre doesn't matter. But losing yourself in another world portrayed by books can help take your mind off things and help immerse yourself in your own imagination.

Woman reading a book on a beach

Don't fancy a good fiction? There's nothing wrong with reading a business or industry related book. This could even be a great time to try and learn something new!

Don't be tempted

In a world as well connected as ours, having your emails at hand every day is a dangerous thing. Even while you're away from work, you will probably still have the notifications for new emails. Be strict with yourself - you deserve the break. Don't just turn the notifications off, but stop the emails altogether.

If you need to still have some connection with work (for example, to ensure everything is still running smoothly), then set some time aside. Plan to check your emails on a set day and set time, allowing you to free up the rest of the time for you.

Relax, relax, and relax

These are just a handful of tips, but hopefully they'll help you relax and let you enjoy your well deserved break. Just remember to plan ahead and make the most of your holiday.

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