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How to Stay Motivated in Your New Start-Up

Motivation is essential for running any business, let alone being successful with it. A lot of entrepreneurs start their businesses and work hard on them, but keeping that level of enthusiasm and motivation can be hard.

These following tips may help you stay motivated when running your business. This isn't an exhaustive list but should help to set you out on the right path.

Regularly exercise

To help stay motivated, you need to have a good level of energy. This can be achieved by maintaining your physical health and moving your body regularly. This can be in the form of regularly scheduled exercise sessions, or as simple as getting away from your desk every so often. This can also help to improve your mood and give you a positive attitude towards tasks.

Get enough rest

If you're energised and feel like working at all times of the day and night, it can be hard to stop and get enough rest. But if you don't take any downtime, you can end up experiencing burnout. If you want to stay motivated enough in the long run, you need to stop and take regular breaks. Also, don't forget to get enough sleep during the night, to maintain your overall health and a focused mind.

Periodic vacations, or prolonged escapes from work, can also help you gain a perspective on what you need to be focusing on. It can also be good for finding inspiration when you're feeling sluggish.

Find a positive mindset

If you're feeling pessimistic about your business during tough times, you may find that you run out of motivation to achieve your goals. But even during tough times, you need to try and stay positive and as optimistic as possible. Try journaling, repeating positive sentiments, meditating or injecting some fun traditions throughout your day. These can help you be more positive and you may find that you become more positive about your goals.

Try a new hobby

This may seem counterproductive when you're meant to be focusing on your business. But when you're constantly thinking about the same thing over and over, you may begin to experience burnout. If you try an activity that completely pulls you away from work, you may find that you can go back to work feeling refreshed. Try learning to play an instrument, mastering a craft or becoming a member of a local team sport.

Focusing on your new hobby can clear your head so that you can go back to your work feeling more focused on what you're meant to be doing. It also has the added benefit of increasing your overall confidence.

Communicate with your team

Inspiration and motivation doesn't always come from within, sometimes you need an external push to get you in the right direction. If you have a team within the business, regularly communicate with them, this way they can give you ideas and push you to be at your best. Of course, surround yourself with the right people when you're hiring, this way your team is set up in the correct way to allow you to be at your best.

If you don't have a team within the business, maybe look at local networking groups or finding a business mentor.

Involve your loved ones

Your family, friends and other loved ones are the best advocates you can have. Involve them in the process to make it feel more like a family business, or community undertaking. This can also be helpful to get the perspective of others outside of the business who don't spend every day working there.

Don't forget your goals

Often business owners focus on the nitty-gritty details of running their business which can lead to them feeling bogged down in the details, rather than focusing on the bigger picture and the overall goals of the business. When you started the business, you probably had a list of your goals and ambitions, try revisiting this list occasionally. This can help remind you of why you started the business in the first place.

Celebrate your success

When you reach a milestone in your business, you may feel tempted to quickly move on to the next thing while you're on a roll. This can be important for growth and evolving over time. But it's also important to recognise your success and what you've accomplished. Think of hosting a team party, or plan a quick trip away for yourself. If you enjoy achieving your goals, you're more likely to want to keep achieving them.

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