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Restoring A Dissolved Company - Administrative Restoration

If your company has been relaxed with its legal obligations, for example, by failing to file company accounts, it can be struck off the register by Companies House. It is possible to restore the company through a process known as Administrative Restoration.

Administrative Restoration

The company directors must apply for Administrative Restoration within six years of the company strike-off.

A company restored through Administrative Restoration is treated as though it has been trading throughout the period it was struck off the register. Because of the perceived continuous trading, the company will need to file all company accounts and confirmation statements for the period it was struck off the register.

For each of the company accounts and confirmation statements you need to file, you will also need to pay the appropriate fee, which can mean it is a costly exercise, so you should proceed with caution.

The Process

If you still want to proceed with the Administrative Restoration, you will need to:

  • File form RT01, with a £100 filing fee to apply for the Administrative Restoration.
  • Include a Bona Vacantia waiver letter. If you want access to any of the company’s assets, including bank accounts and property, you will need to have this.
  • Submit all outstanding documents and fees required to bring the company’s filing record up to date (along with the £40 filing fee per form).

What happens next?

Successful applications are typically restored to the Companies House register within two to three weeks.

Although the company is treated as though it has continuously traded, the notice of strike-off and restoration are included in the information held by Companies House, and a notice will be posted in The Gazette.

During the time the company was struck off the register, it’s possible that another company was formed with the same, or a similar name. If this happens, the company being restored will be unable to use the name and will have to start again with a different name.

Please note - If the company was voluntarily dissolved, you will need to go through a separate process.

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