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Ways to Energise your B2B Marketing

You may know that you need to stand out when marketing to larger companies, but do you ever break the mould? It's likely you're sticking to the same set of professional standards you've always had. It's also likely that these professional standards are boring because that's how you maintain professionalism. However, it doesn't have to be this way, because professionals are still people and will still react to the same marketing tactics that you use with your B2C marketing campaigns.

So how can you bring more energy into your B2B marketing?

Let your corny side out

Have you ever seen an advertising campaign that uses bad puns and dad jokes to get its message across? Did that campaign then stick in your mind for being different to other campaigns out there? Maybe it was a haulage firm with the hopes of being a truly moving experience or a vacuum cleaner company stating that our products suck. Advertising in this way lets the audience cut through the content and lets them laugh at the small things.

Essentially you need to release your inner comedian and remind the audience that there's a person on the other end of the campaign.

Use graphics to your advantage

If you open any B2B whitepaper, it's likely you'll see reams and reams of text with the occasional image thrown in for illustration. But this may not be the best tactic to use. Attention spans are short and business decision-makers don't have time to read masses of text. Try using illustrations and cartoons to get your message across.

This can be as simple as a doodle that sits at the top of your blog posts to outline what the post is about.

Add a touch of pop culture

It's likely that your email signature just says who you are, your role in the business and some legal bumph about not forwarding the email on. However, if you're trying to sell your creativity, your email signature is the perfect opportunity. Inject quotes from your favourite TV shows and films (as long as they're relevant to what you do). Or a joke about the industry you work in.

You may find it hard in some industries to make jokes about what you do, but there are still some things you can do. For example, a marketer could use a quote by Oscar Wilde There's only one thing in the World worse than being talked about, and that's not being talked about. while this isn't pop culture per se, it's still a quote from a famous person that's relevant to the industry.

Make fun of yourself

If someone gets your business name wrong, do you get all torn up about it, or do you run with it? For example, MailChimp decided to run along with some of their misspellings and set up brands with similar pairings. JailBlimp and MailShrimp became short films while FailChips were a fictional line of crushed potato crisps. While this may not work for every business in every industry there's probably something along those lines that you can use.

Have a think. What does your industry receive flack for? If you're working in the technology industry and you have a young workforce, think about swapping the headshots on your website for baby pictures or if you work in a grooming parlour swap them for dog pictures that represent the person (just remember, no one wants to be the bulldog). Alternately, if you suffer from a social media fail, don't delete the post, run with it. Find the best parodies and memes created from it and re-post those to spice up your feed.

Summing Up

These tips won't take you from unknown to instant sensation, but they should hopefully bring out the human side of your marketing so that your B2B customers see there is a person at the end of it. Hopefully, you'll stand out from the rest of your competition and be seen as the not boring alternative.

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