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Your WebFiling Authentication Code

Many companies now choose to submit their accounts online, from their VAT returns to their annual accounts. You may even notice that you have a WebFiling Authentication Code, but what is it, and how do you use it?

What is the WebFiling Authentication Code?

The code, sometimes called the 'web filing code' is a 6 character alphanumeric code which is issued to each company by Companies House. It's used to authorise information filed online, whether this is through Companies House themselves, or through a third party service (such as Company Wizard).

The code is the equivalent of an officer's signature and so should be treated with the same care you would use for your credit/debit card PIN. If someone knows your code, they would have the ability to change your company's details.

How do I get a code?

A code is normally issued to a company upon incorporation. If you've used a service such as ours, then this will be shown on your overview of that company.

If didn't receive one however, you can apply for one online from the Companies House website.

What if I have forgotten or misplaced the code?

There may come a time when you've filed your code in a "Safe place" only to find out it's too safe. It happens from time to time. All you need to do is request the code to be re-issued. The method you use will depend on how you incorporated your company.

1. Incorporated through a formation agent

If you incorporated your company using a formation agent, then they will keep a record of this, unless it's expired. You can normally log into your account with the formation agent and the code will be available for you.

2. Incorporated directly with Companies House

  1. Access the Companies House WebFiling Service
  2. Sign in, or register if you need to. This is different from a Government Gateway account you may have, so you may need to set up a new one.
  3. Select 'Request an Authentication Code'

Request a new code through Companies House
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Will Companies House change my code?

There may be a time where Companies House will change your code for you. For example, if they have sent you letters to your registered address but they are frequently returned then they may change the code to protect your company.

This could be down to something simple such as you changing your address (remember to notify Companies House using Form AD01). If someone else had this code, then they may be able to submit changes for your company.

Need further help?

Don't forget, Company Wizard are here to help with your company queries and changes through our online portal. So, if you need a bit of guidance with your auth code, get in touch.

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