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Employment Pack (£9.99)
Employment Contract

If you expect an individual to be working for you for more than one month, you are legally required to draw up a written statement which sets out some of the main terms and conditions of the employment. An employment contract must be issued within 8 weeks of the employee's start date.

This document pack provides all the necessary forms and templates involved in the recruitment of new employees. These documents can easily be modified to suit the nature of your business and also include a fully comprehensive grievance, disputes and disciplinary policy that may be issued to your employees on induction or request. Below are the key clauses of the agreement:

Key Clauses of the Employment Contract:
Employee job title Holiday entitlement
Place of work Sickness and absenteeism
Pay details Pension inclusion / exclusion clause
Working times and breaks Non-solicitation of customers clause
In addition to the standard clauses above we also provide additional confidentiality clauses
that serve to protect the intellectual property of the company during the employee's term of service.
Additional Policies
Current UK employment legislation states that all employees must have access to written instructions outlining the grievance and disciplinary policies. For your convenience we have included a template for the following documentation:
Grievance Policy Stipulates the procedures that are to be adhered to in dealing with individual grievances (Includes the relevant forms for filing a grievance)
Disputes Policy Stipulates the procedures that are to be followed when dealing with a dispute from more than one employee.
Disciplinary Policy Provides information to employees regarding the disciplinary policy and procedure.
In order to assist you in drawing up your contracts we have included a step by step guide and checklist to walk you through the process. All documents are provided in either Microsoft Word or Works format.
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