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Sensitive Word - RE-ASSURANCE

Sensitive words are intended to ensure that companies are not using a name that does not reflect the location, size or nature of the business conducted by the company. There are approximately 50 words that Companies House regard as sensitive. If you have a company incorporation with us that includes this sensitive word in the company name you can follow the guidance below to facilitate your order. If you would like to incorporate a new company with the word "RE-ASSURANCE" in the name please click here to get started.
What Companies House say about using the word RE-ASSURANCE
if the name is needed for an underwriting company, we will normally seek further advice. However, if you want to use the name for a company that will only provide insurance services, then you should include the appropriate qualification, for example 'agents', 'consultants' or 'services', in the name.
What do we need to process your application?
1. All supporting documents should be emailed to The Company Wizard as an image or Word attachment.
2. If you are unsure of what supporting documentation you will need for this world please contact The Company Wizard and an advisor will help you.