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Can a non-UK resident start a Company in the UK?

The UK can be a great place to do business for anybody. There may be some turbulent times ahead, but don't let that put you off. One major fact for deciding to start in the UK is that you'll get the same rights as if you were a UK national when setting up the company; this may not always be the case in other countries.

This post should help you through what you should be doing in order to register.

So, can a non-UK resident open a UK company?

Yes, you can. The process is pretty much the same as it would be for someone from the UK. You will still have to register with the relevant authorities, but you could be registered the same day you begin the process.

You may find that you have some problems when dealing with the banks, but it's not impossible to get through those problems if you carry out the right research and supply the right documents on request.

Company Wizard can also help you set up a bank account if you wish. During the application process, simply select what UK banks you are interested in and we'll ask them to contact you.

But, why should I open a company in the UK?

Firstly, your company will become part of a strong, established economy, which is rapidly growing.

Secondly, for the moment, you will have access to the common market of the EU. This can give you access to one of the largest trading markets without you being constrained by EU law, this is because the UK has sovereignty in this area.

What do I need in order to get started?

Your company can be registered in any of the jurisdictions of the UK (Wales, England, Scotland or Northern Ireland). The rules will be the same wherever you are registered. It will on the other hand affect your registered address, e.g. you can't have a registered address in Northern Ireland but have the company registered in Scotland. However, there is nothing stopping you from having multiple locations within the UK.

In order to have a company, you will need to have at least one company director and one shareholder, but both of these can be the same person. You can decide how many people you wish to have to directors and shareholders when setting up (you can amend these at any time).

As touched upon above, you will need to have a registered address already in place. This can be your home address, or an office address. It will be visible to the public though, so think carefully before choosing to use your home address. Also, it can't be a PO box.

Read more about the differences between Service and Registered Addresses

Luckily, Company Wizard could also provide you with a London based address for your company, which not only gives it a professional look, but also allows you to receive your mail elsewhere too - we can simply forward it on (find out more about our London Registered Office service).


As a non-resident of the UK you will still be able to incorporate a limited company. This can have its advantages for you and the company and the process is much the same as though you were a national of the UK.

If you need any help with incorporating your company then please don't hesitate to ask us. Our friendly staff are always available to help you with any questions.

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