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Customers Who Need a Little More Help Than Others

Some customers need a little more help than others and making sure these customers receive the right support will ensure your company succeeds.

Anxious customers can be those worried about an outcome, want something unusual, or are natural worriers. These customers need to talk to you. You may try to guide them through self-service options, but they need to talk to you.

This can be even more prevalent in industries that invoke anxiety, such as finance or healthcare.

Even though this is the case, many companies steer their customers towards self-service and away from actual humans with reassuring voices and kind words.

Could you be making the bad worse?

Some anxious customers who use self-service tools aren't happy with the experience even when they get the outcome they desired. This can lead them to trust the company less and adding to the anxiety the next time they have to deal with the company.

How to fix it

There is a surprising low-cost fix that eases customer's anxiety, or prevent it altogether - offer them someone to talk to when they ask for help.

You may find that not many people talk you up on the offer of help but just having the option there for the customer can put their minds at ease. Even better, having "someone available now" on your website can increase customer's trust in you and can improve the perception of the experience.

Tips to make your service feel more personal

There are some simple tips you can use to ease anxiety and help customers who need the most help and attention.

  1. Make it easy to access a human - When you are given access to a human, customers feel more at ease with the whole process they're going through with your company. This can be by having a phone number, email address, or chat box on every page of your website. Make sure you have someone available at the other end of the contact so there's always someone there to help your customers.
  2. Reach out - Some CRM and sales software packages offer a pop-up chat box when customers have been on a certain page for a certain length of time. Use this feature to offer help to those that look as though they may be stuck at a certain point in the process. This is simple and effective, but not always done.
  3. Slow down - Customer service reps are always ready to help, but sometimes rush through it so they can get to the next customer needing their attention. The priority should instead be helping the customer at hand and answering all of their questions before moving on to the next person.

Summing Up

Some customers need a little more help than others, this can be for various reasons. Sometimes, the only way to help these customers is to allow them to talk to an actual human rather than an automated help service. The points above give an insight into how you can always appear to be there when the customer needs you the most.

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