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What is the Annual Return?

Every year following the anniversary of your company's incorporation date, you will be required to submit an annual return to Companies House, this is separate to the annual accounts. The annual return is a snapshot of the company's details at a given point in time (referred to as the made-up date). The return will capture information relating to the company's registered office address, SIC Codes, appointed officers, share capital and distribution.

What is the Made-Up Date?

The Made-Up date is usually the anniversary date on which the company was incorporated. All the information supplied on the annual return must be accurate to the made-up date. If the company supplied a different made-up date on a previous return then the new made-up date will reference this.

The annual return is usually required within 28 days of the incorporation date / made-up date.

What is the AR01 Return Form?

The AR01 Return Form is the official form that must be completed and delivered to Companies House before the due date. The form captures all the pertinent information required by Companies House for the annual return. You can download the AR01 form using the link below.

AR01 Annual Return Form
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