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LLP Company Name Change

To change the name of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) you would need to file an LL NM01 form to Companies House. On this form the following information must be supplied.
  • The current name of the company
  • The company number, for LLPs this will typically start with an OC prefix.
  • The new proposed name for the company
  • The signature of a director
  • The statutory filing fee

The completed LL NM01 form must then be posted to Companies House in Cardiff, the public register will be updated, usually within 1 week.

Filing an LLP name change electronically

You can also file a request to change the company name electronically using our online e-filing service. The cost for filing electronically is £19.99 + vat, this is inclusive of the statutory filing fee payable to Companies House.

Click here to file an electronic LLP name change request

Sensitive Words

Some words are considered to be sensitive when used within a company name. It is important to check if your new proposed name contains any sensitive words and to supply the required supporting information where applicable.

Paper Forms

The following Companies House forms will be need to make a paper application.
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