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Here we have compiled a list of common questions and answered relating to the Apostille and Legalisation process.

What is an Apostille?

An Apostille is essentially a stamp of approval as issued by the UK Foreign Office to authenticate the signature of the public official who has certified that the documents presented are true and correct. The Apostille then validates that the signature originates from an individual who has the authority to certify the original documents.

The Apostilled documents can then be considered as legal within any other member state. A member state being a country that prescribes to the Hague Convention.

Why would I need an Apostille?

The Apostille serves to streamline the legalisation of a foreign document. The state authority where the document has originated will validate the document by virtue of the fact that it has already been certified by a public official (e.g. a solicitor/public notary). The issuing government body will then provide a certificate with the date and a unique reference for the Apostille.

Which countries recognise the Apostille Certificate?

Any country that is a member of the Hague Convention will accept an apostille certificate without further legalisation. From the following link you can view a full list of the countries actively subscribing to The Hague Convention.

Hague Convention (List of members)

If I have multiple documents do I need an Apostille for each?

Often it depends on the nature of the documents for which the Apostille is being produced. For company incorporation documents we would ordinarily only need one Apostille to validate the set. Where possible we will always try to keep the costs to a minimum however when the documents relate to two or more separate corporate entities then an individual apostille for each will normally be required. If you are unsure please do not hesitate to contact us.

How long does the process take?

We offer two levels of service depending on your requirements. Our standard services is provided on a 1 week turnaround. We are also able to provide a fast track service where we work directly with the Foreign Office in London to obtain the Apostille within the same day. You can review our latest pricing on the Apostillation overview page.

What type of documents can we obtain an Apostille for?

You can obtain an apostille certificate for virtually any official document that can be certified by a solicitor or public notary. We specialise in the legalisation of company documents and have experience in dealing with all kinds of documentation originating from Companies House or relating to UK Limited Companies.

How do I use your services for obtaining an Apostille?

You can review our latest pricing and place an order for one of our Apostillation services from the Apostillation overview page.

Once you have made the required payment you will receive instructions on how to proceed.
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