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Certificate of Good Standing

What is a Certificate of Good Standing?

A Certificate of Good Standing is an official document that can be issued by the Company Registrar when a company has been incorporated and is up to date with all its filing requirements. A Certificate of Good Standing can only be issued when the following conditions are met:
  • The company has been incorporated in the relevant jurisdiction.
  • The company is known to be compliant with all appropriate regulations and up to date on all its filing requirements (e.g. accounts, returns etc).
  • No action is currently being taken to remove the company from the register.

In the UK a Certificate of Good Standing will be issued by Companies House and typically dispatched to the companys Registered Office Address. All hard copy certificates will bear the signature of a Companies House official.

Outside of the UK a Certificate of Good Standing can also be referred to as a Certificate of Existence or a Certificate of Authorisation.

How do I obtain a Certificate of Good Standing?

You can order a Certificate of good standing by selecting one of the following services:

If you require a Certificate to be delivered to an overseas address or you require the Certificate to be Apostilled by the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you further.

Optional Information included on the Certificate of Good Standing

When ordering a Certificate of Good Standing it is possible to request that the following additional information about the company be included.
  • Directors names and details, including nationality and date of birth.
  • The names of any Secretaries, where applicable
  • The Registered Office Address of the company
  • Issued Share Capital
  • Shareholder details

What is the purpose of a Certificate of Good Standing?

A Certificate of Good Standing is typically used to instill confidence in any third party with whom the company may conduct business. In most cases the certificate is used overseas as a simple and official means of ensuring any potential creditors or investors that the company is reliable and well organised.

If you have any further questions about any of the information in this guide, please dont hesitate to contact us.
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