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Setting up a UK Company from Overseas

Is it possible to setup a company if I am not resident in the United Kingdom?

Yes, it is possible to setup a UK limited company even if the proposed directors are not resident here. It will be necessary however to provide a UK address that can be used as the registered office. This must be a serviced address where any statutory mail can be accessed by the company directors or forwarded to their overseas location.

The Company Wizard are able to offer non-resident clients a London based registered office with international mail forwarding facilities.

What information is required to setup a UK Limited Company?

To form a UK Limited Company the applicant must supply the following information.
  • A unique company name (Check your company name availability here).
  • A UK address to be nominated as the registered office.
  • The full name, date of birth nationality and address of at least one director and shareholder.
All proposed directors must be over the age of 16 and must not be an undisclosed bankrupt.

Opening a UK bank account for a UK Limited Company

The criteria for opening a UK bank account is dependant on the banks own internal policy. It is a general requirement that the directors must be able to sign the original mandate in person.

We work with a number of UK banks to facilitate the opening of bank accounts however it must be stressed that no company formation agent can influence these proceedings. We primarily seek to initiate a dialogue between you and the bank without further intervention or control over due diligence process.

What is the process for legalising company documentation for overseas use?

Once your company has been incorporated The Company Wizard are able to offer a full legalisation service with our appointed lawyers and the UK Foreign Office. We offer a standard and fast track service which will enable us to oversee the complete legalisation process.

For more information about our legalisation services click here

Can the Memorandum and Articles of Association be translated?

In certain cases The Company Wizard are able to translate our standard articles into your native language. Please contact us for further details and pricing.

What Secretarial Services are available from The Company Wizard?

We have a number of Chartered Accountants on site to provide a full range of cost effective secretarial services to assist you in maintaining your limited company. This includes changing the officers in your company, modifying share composition and filing your annual returns.

You may also wish to consider using the free Companies House web-filing service where a number of secretarial procedures can be completed electronically in just hours.

For more information about our secretarial services please contact us

Managing tax related issues

The Company Wizard are able to offer a full range of services to facilitate the filing of your annual accounts, VAT registration, payroll management and tax planning. Our accountants manage all compliance related issues with HM Revenue and Customs in the UK.

For more information about our tax related services please contact us

What services can we offer for overseas clients?

For a full overview of the services we are able to provide for overseas clients looking to setup a UK Limited Company please click on the link below.

UK Company Formation services for overseas clients

Where can I find out more information about Limited Companies?

For more general information about the process of setting up a UK Limited Company please refer to our Company Formation Section.
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