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Customer Feedback
  • Maggie Doughty 01/11/2018
    Great, I have been using you for a number of years now.

  • John Cullen 30/10/2018
    Very swift and professional service. Also very easy to contact and discuss the needs of our company. Easy to contact and gave excellent advice.
  • Stewart Campbell 29/10/2018
  • Diane Hughes 25/10/2018
    We have only started to use Company Wizard for company formations and we have found your online set up very easy to use. Quick turn around.
  • Gill Rudd 25/10/2018
    Very straightforward to use. No problems at all!
  • Yamandu rodriguez 24/10/2018
    Very Nice
  • Silviu Savu 23/10/2018
    Good service! And very quick!
  • Anthony Young 22/10/2018
    Simple and quick.
  • Steve Kowalski 15/10/2018
    Easy to use and quick service
  • Md Zahirul Islam 12/10/2018
    It was wonderful
  • Elaine Horsley 11/10/2018
    Very good
  • Graham Hall 08/10/2018
    Excellent service
  • Mohammed Waseemuddin Mohammed 05/10/2018
    I am from India, I register a Limited Company in the UK with partners from Saudi Arabia, Spain and Slovakia in assistance with the Company Wizard.
  • Graham Hall 05/10/2018
    An effective service and a low cost
  • MH Bepari 21/09/2018
    Very good
  • Tracy Chow 19/09/2018
    A very fast and efficient service.
    It was very easy and straightforward process
  • Smarajit Roy 07/09/2018
    Company Wizard is very efficient and effective.They resolve any issues promptly. The communication is on Line. They respond speedily.Some
  • Robert Cavanagh 29/08/2018
    Easy to complete online forms, speedy confirmation. great service.
  • Stephen Usei 23/08/2018
    Good quick service easy to use takes the application form and simplifies it!
  • Julian Vance-Daniel 23/08/2018
    Excellent service - we encountered a problem with our chosen company name, which delayed incorporation.
  • ian Milne 22/08/2018
    Highly impressed with both the website and the ease with which Company Wizard helped throughout the process. Pretty good value for money as well.
  • Jennifer Bexon-Smith 21/08/2018
    Superb service cannot find fault .
  • Susan Mulasa 20/08/2018
    Was very happy. Staff Garrick is very helpful and assisted me all through out. Service was excellent.
  • Neil Griffiths 16/08/2018
    It does what I need and expect, quickly. I initially needed support and it was also there a phone call away. I like to talk.
  • Peter Slee 05/08/2018
    Very professional, helpful clarification over the phone. Quick service.
  • Claire Higgins 03/08/2018
    Efficient service.
  • Anne Marie Evans 02/08/2018
    I was very happy with the service, simple & straight forward I would recommend this service thank you
  • murtada mohamed 02/08/2018
  • David Mills 26/07/2018
    My overall impression of the service was very good. It was relatively easy and painless to complete
  • Ann Marie Bell 26/07/2018
    excellent as always
  • Andrew Staite 23/07/2018
  • SANDRA RITSON 23/07/2018
  • Carolyne Tah 20/07/2018
    Good - the staff were very helpful and patient.
  • Andrew Avann 20/07/2018
    Excellent service. Quick and professional
  • Inacio Bueti 20/07/2018
    Very impressed by the speed and user friendliness of the platform
  • William Saunders 10/07/2018
    Really quick and easy to use. Very helpful on explainations on certain questions.
  • Dhushy Thushyanthan 04/07/2018
  • Gary Baxter 26/06/2018
    Very quick and efficient
  • Scott Fairclough 23/06/2018
    Smooth service, I had no idea setting up a company could be so easy.
  • Michael Mooney 20/06/2018
    Absolutely superb hassle free and very helpful over the phone
  • Thomas Dyer 19/06/2018
    Really good experience all round, thanks
  • Yousuf Bhimji 18/06/2018
    Excellent.Good supprt if
  • gurcharn singh hanspal 14/06/2018
    very good service
  • Jason Parr 13/06/2018
    Very user friendly site making the whole experience stress free.
  • Lathizile Akinjide-Obonyo 08/06/2018
    The process was simple overall and the hints and tips on what to use and what to fill in we extremely helpful.
  • Jason Tsolakis 06/06/2018
    very good
  • Gloria Ward 05/06/2018
    Easy to use gives the service required quickly with little fuss
  • Gary Heslop 05/06/2018
    Superb service and quality as usual.
  • Richard Millard 04/06/2018
    A brilliant service.
    Something that could be complicated made simple.
    Our Thanks to you
  • Lina Al-Khaleel 31/05/2018
    Someone went though the trouble and called me to fix the application, without which, it would have taken longer. Appreciate his help. No name unfortun
  • Ann Marie Bell 31/05/2018
    as always a great service made even better this time with forward thinking helpful people thank you
  • Anne Glennie 29/05/2018
    Fantastic! Super easy and super quick! Always amazed and delighted by the fast response and turnaround :D
  • John BOWEN 25/05/2018
    Very pleased with the ease of the company formation
    John Bowen
    BMS Ltd
  • Keith Felton 22/05/2018
    Quick and easy
  • Sarah Goff 22/05/2018
    Excellent, very user friendly and I like the progress tabs and bars to know status of progress
  • john Loughran 17/05/2018
    So quick and easy
  • gurcharn singh hanspal 16/05/2018
    very good service as usual
  • Fayez Rahal 11/05/2018
    Very impressed and professiona all my questions were answered correctly
  • David Points 11/05/2018
    Really impressed with the service. Not only was the registration quick and easy, customer support responded to my question really quickly. Excellent!!
  • Rebekah Good 09/05/2018
    Very impressed about how user friendly the who application process was. Also very impressed by the follow up information to confirm important dates.
  • Ehinomen Vivian Osakwe 09/05/2018
  • Siang Choo 04/05/2018
    Very quick service
  • Tracy Chow 01/05/2018
    great service
  • Tedros Fetwi 01/05/2018
    Very good. Timely communication. Kept me informed at all times.
  • Keith Pilbeam 30/04/2018
    Excellent - you went well beyond what I was expecting in dealing with the complexities of registering us as a publicly limited by guarantee company.
  • Anthony Sher 28/04/2018
  • tracey long 24/04/2018
    Very pleased, came recommended by my accountant, very easy service to use and very clear
  • Robert Perryment 20/04/2018
    Excellent service.
  • Richard Gubbins 17/04/2018
    Excellent and prompt service
  • Janet Smith 04/04/2018
    Very good. Have used before and never had any complaints
  • Steve Stubbs 04/04/2018
  • Adam Dorgan 29/03/2018
    Excellent service - I have already recommended to other group companies
  • Anthony Pickering 27/03/2018
    Very Straightforward. Status checker is very useful too. Thanks Guys.
  • Mehmet Haluk KARACABEY 24/03/2018
    Very good, very efficient. Instant customer service. Personalised and efficient.
  • Antony Macdonald 23/03/2018
    Efficient, helpful and communications excellent. So much better than the other cowboy firms I tried.
  • Stephen Pickford 22/03/2018
    Easy to use and quick
  • Neil Maxwell-Keys 21/03/2018
    I have used Company Wizard to register 4 companies and I am always delighted at the ease, speed and cost effectiveness that your service provides.
  • Robert Haselgrove-Stones 17/03/2018
    Great. Easy to use, great communication and even helped with issues related to registration
  • Peter Hillier 15/03/2018
  • Ram Panesar 14/03/2018
    Very good - thank you.
  • Gracie Duncan 12/03/2018
    Fantastic! I wasn't expecting such a quick turnaround. Furthermore, speaking with staff about any issues relating to the incorporation was excellent.
  • MARTIN HEYWOOD 11/03/2018
    Easy to use, good prices would recommend to anybody.
  • John Mollins 07/03/2018
    Amazingly simple process, quick & easy to use
  • John Hardy 06/03/2018
  • David Montgomery 05/03/2018
    Very good and easy to navigate
  • Graham Hall 03/03/2018
    Efficient and cost effective service.
  • mark smith 28/02/2018
  • Adesola Akinfie 26/02/2018
    Prompt reliable service
  • Chris Daniels 23/02/2018
    Fantastic. Easy service.
  • Hasret Yakar 21/02/2018
    Wonderful service
  • Valerie Harvey 19/02/2018
    Fantastic service! Clear and simple to use and when I had a query it was answered immediately.

  • Neil Mills 17/02/2018
    So much easier than going straight to companies house where I had agrow trying to start my company as
  • Alan Heslop 16/02/2018
    I very helpful
  • Dawn Goddard 14/02/2018
    Used Company Wizard many times now - another excellent turnaround
  • Oleg Tsymbalenko 13/02/2018
    Thank you CompanyWizard for such amazing service. It`s very useful and easy understandable for users.
  • mark bates 06/02/2018
    Very impressed. The service was exceptional and very easy to use.
  • Robert Eddy 06/02/2018
    Very good. Straight forward, leads in a user friendly way though the sections, easy to follow and very prompt service.
  • BERNARD ROTHWELL 01/02/2018
  • Hitesh Patel 01/02/2018
    Excellent,Seamless it should be online.
  • David Foster 31/01/2018
    Extremely impressed with the service and ease of starting the New Company
  • Gary Heslop 25/01/2018
    First Class Service as usual
  • Andrew Jones 24/01/2018
    Excellent service. will definately use again.
  • Oscar aplicano 23/01/2018
    Thanking you all at Company Wizard from one nation entertainment.
  • Shalaka Deore 22/01/2018
    Very impressed with simplicity of filling the information. Pleased with overall service
  • Beverley Hilton 22/01/2018
  • Ershad Hassan 22/01/2018
    Excellent, very simple process, just followed the instruction on screen and confirmation was given that the Company formation process had commenced.
  • David Noble 17/01/2018
    Company Wizard has been an exceptionally intuitive and very fast, high-quality service. I will have no hesitation in recommending Company Wizard.
  • Nicole Svinos 16/01/2018
    excellent. Fast and efficient.
  • Rebekah Queen Chimfwembe 16/01/2018
  • Peter Hillier 16/01/2018
    100% efficient as always
  • Oscar Bello 15/01/2018
    I was very happy with the guidence given, I found it a goid experience.
  • John McGuire 11/01/2018
    Very good. A nice easy process to create a company. We would certainly use Company Wizard again.
  • Matthew Hawes 08/01/2018
  • Stuart Reid 27/12/2017
    Just set up first Limited Company from being a sole trader and found this process very easy to complete, and this site is very efficient at setting up
  • Alastair Manson 10/12/2017
    simple to use and efficient
  • Jeremy Peak 04/12/2017
    I have now incorporated several companies through Company Wizard. I have always found the process to be intuitive and remarkably quick.
  • gurcharn singh hanspal 01/12/2017
  • Beverley Hilton 28/11/2017
    Excellent. Less than 20 minutes from submission of payment to the certificate arriving.
  • Brigitte Gogoua 27/11/2017
    Helpful, straightforward, easy to use
  • Sara Olivier 24/11/2017
    Good and appears clear, well laid out. Thanks
  • Gary Baxter 24/11/2017
    Very efficient
  • MH Bepari 17/11/2017
  • Timothy Bourne 17/11/2017
    Easy to use and excellent telephone help.
  • Michael Cross 16/11/2017
    Very Professional and easy to navigate
  • Don Armitage 14/11/2017
    An excellent company to deal with provided us with an easy set up to company house.Very helpful and polite over the phone a great company to have used
  • Graeme Archer 10/11/2017
    Top website. VERY easy to use. Very User friendly! Excellent overal service/ 10/10
  • Dave Marsden 10/11/2017
    Very good...
  • Peter Hillier 10/11/2017
    Very efficient and prompt as usual
  • Charles tollan 09/11/2017
    Very good
  • jason smith 09/11/2017
    Can not fault this system, less than 4 hours from finding the website to incorporation. Well worth the money, thanks!
  • Mihaela Gruia 08/11/2017
    Really professional
  • Daniel Chan 07/11/2017
    opened a limited by guarantee company within a day. quick and good customer service when I called. Excellent.
  • Nicholas Waloff 07/11/2017
    A simple, comprehensive and painless incorporation vehicle - and reassuringly fast as well
  • Tom Dunican 03/11/2017
    Very Professional, very friendly, will use again no complaints
  • Simon Jeffries 01/11/2017
    Great service, quick and painless.
  • phebian Adeoye 01/11/2017
    Impressed. Thank you for your support and service. I am glad you guys got in touch with the bank for me. Makes things easier. :-) 5 Star service.
  • Graham Hall 25/10/2017
    Quick and effective service. No complaints in the last 5 years the service has been used.
  • Israel Silgram 25/10/2017
    Great service
  • Karen Richardson 24/10/2017
    Excellent. Especially the man who answered my questions the 2 times I rang. His name was Garrett, & he explained everything carefully. V professional.
  • Helen Thompson 17/10/2017
    Helpful, professional. Efficient
  • Decio Quinta 16/10/2017
    Good service. I recommend all u guys.
  • kevin smith 12/10/2017
    Simple to use and keenly priced for the work which was all completed in one day
  • Howard Smith 12/10/2017
    It is the first time I have used Company Wizard and I am very impressed with the ease and speed of setting up a company. I will certainly use again.
  • Nikki Pope 12/10/2017
    It's brilliant intuitive makes my life so easy
    As usual, a fast and efficient service
  • Sumit Sabharwal 10/10/2017
  • Matthew Carrier 03/10/2017
    Clear and easy to follow
  • Jane Kilsby 02/10/2017
    very easy and quick to use, much appreciated. Pleased to see that the option to set up a company limited by guarantee was clearly available.
  • gurcharn singh hanspal 28/09/2017
    very good
  • Lucyna Ratka 28/09/2017
    The website was good but I needed more support so I phoned the team. Gentleman who helped was extremely helpful, informative and explained everything
  • gurcharn singh hanspal 27/09/2017
    very good
  • Andrew Wardle 27/09/2017
  • Biodun Toluwalase Tella 25/09/2017
    I have searched many company formation agents and companies but I found the contents on CompanyWizard website straightforward
    and user-friendly. KUDUS
  • Elinor Daniel 15/09/2017
    Was quick, easy and not as expensive as several other companies offering the same services
  • Sean Dohertyt 15/09/2017
    I did try and register direct with companies House but found the process very confusing so gad to find this site which was easy to use and very quick.
  • Mohammad Siddiqi 15/09/2017
    First class service as always.
  • Adrian Brian Winder 13/09/2017
  • Liliya Ovcharova 11/09/2017
    Very easy and good way to set up your own company. Exelent service.
  • Mahmudul Talukdar 08/09/2017
    Excellent service
  • Olivia Bueno 06/09/2017
  • Jason atkinson 05/09/2017
    Excellent service
  • Melanie Forbes 21/08/2017
    Awesome. Simple and efficient
  • Beverley Hilton 18/08/2017
    Excellent. Very straight forward process, easy to use and understand. Very quick set-up.
  • Ernest Nmerukini 17/08/2017
    Excellent service
  • Leroy Allen 16/08/2017
    I have been dealing with Company Wizard for years and they are very professional in what they do.
  • Mark Hughes 16/08/2017
    Very easy to understand, simple to use and a very speedy process - great value.
  • Ulisses Da Silva 10/08/2017
    A reliable company with a quick turnaround of incorporation and products offered.
  • Stewart Leslie 10/08/2017
    Good service, the wizard is easy to navigate through.
  • Richard Hayter 08/08/2017
    A quick, comprehensive and easy service delivering precisely what it says on the tin!
  • Rod Morphew 02/08/2017
    Easy efficient
  • Mark Chitty 25/07/2017
    Great. Simple process, everything worked as expected. Registration completed in 24 hrs rather than 4 as indicated, but that was still fast enough.
  • william brian JONES 25/07/2017
    First class service
  • Dawn Goddard 21/07/2017
    Usual excellent service and very speedy turnaround
  • Gita Aggarwal 18/07/2017
    excellent service
  • Roger Bloomer 13/07/2017
    Very good
  • Ben Whitley 07/07/2017
    Easy to understand and complete!
  • Michael Wheatle 29/06/2017
  • Antony Joannou 26/06/2017
    I've used this several times as it's simply the easiest way to open a company
  • Ricky Mockford 26/06/2017
    Easy and clear to use
  • Leslie Japal 23/06/2017
    Excellent, Worldpay was a bit tricky but rectified my errors on this.
  • Wande OLAIYA 07/06/2017
  • Javad Ojanli 06/06/2017
    Great and quick
  • Daniel Morgan 03/06/2017
    Great. Used you guys for 5-6 LTD companies over the last 10 days. Fast, Efficient just like your logo says!
  • Brian Kelsey 31/05/2017
  • Maria Latif 30/05/2017
    Really good service I am happy
  • Gill Rudd 12/05/2017
  • Stuart Buckthorp 03/05/2017
    Exceptionally Good
  • Gary Heslop 02/05/2017
    First Class Service.
  • Vladimir Maric 28/04/2017
    The process run smoothly, I am very satisfied with it.
  • Jason Cochrane 27/04/2017
    Excellent. Clear straight forward and great value for money. I've incorporated 3 companies using Company Wizard and recommend every time I can!
  • Jeremy Fry 21/04/2017
    I was recommended by friend It was a very simple process and having made the application at around 8.40 am i was incorporated by 3.00 pm. No hassle.
  • Jamie Hooper 21/04/2017
    Simple and effective registration service. No improvements needed.
  • Paul Stockton 19/04/2017
    Very easy to complete. Great to have the continue and save option and reminders
  • Ian Rees 18/04/2017
    good service
  • Simon Wihttley 12/04/2017
  • Helen Solomon 12/04/2017
    As always a prompt and efficient service.
  • Dennis Markey 08/04/2017
    Professional, simple, clear and effective.
  • Dawn Goddard 07/04/2017
    Always great speedy turnaround and high quality share certificates.
    Love the extra 'service' of being able to use share certificate generator
  • Philip Beaumont 03/04/2017
    Very straight forward and quick process
  • Gary Baxter 30/03/2017
    Easy to complete
  • Hilton Accountants Acquaye 26/03/2017
    Very very good
  • Derek Hogg 23/03/2017
    Very impressed with the help provided and the efficiency of you company.
    Delighted that I can call for help and help is forthcoming.
  • Helen Solomon 22/03/2017
    Very easy to use. All sorted within time frame. Very happy.
  • Gary Heslop 21/03/2017
    Absolutely first class prompt service as usual
  • Carlton Sewell 20/03/2017
    Excellent Service ! I found the process very easy to understand and the cost for doing your service was very reasonable the timescale was very fast
  • Allan Ross 16/03/2017
    Professional and swift
  • Fouad Al-Amoodi 15/03/2017
    very good
  • ONYEKACHI ANYANWU 14/03/2017
    Very excellent and quick service, got my trust registered within 24 hours.
  • MALCOLM READMAN 14/03/2017
    The service that I received was very professional and my application was attended to immediately and approved within two hours.
    Very efficient and fast service
  • Dean Hart 03/03/2017
    Speedy and efficient as always.
  • Gavin Brookes 24/02/2017
    It was easy to use and set up I was impressed as I normally struggle with these kind of things
  • Sarah Kaye 24/02/2017
    Quick, efficient process.
  • Elaine Horsley 22/02/2017
  • Peter Jones 22/02/2017
    Excellent service
  • Jonathan Swales 21/02/2017
    Excellent. Forms straightforward, all self explanatory (though I've done this a few time before). Great price.
  • Stephen Douglas 17/02/2017
    Excellent service - this is the first time I have used you and needed to phone for help and you could not have done more. Many thanks
  • Adam Preis 16/02/2017
    Fantastic: clean, easy to understand, informative and efficient. Many thanks!
  • Andrew Ellis 16/02/2017
    Professional, quick, good value.
    Would use again.
  • CHRISTIE SILVANI Limited 13/02/2017
    Very good and helpful as sending reminders to submit annual accounts.
  • James Waddell 13/02/2017
    Great.Efficient. Simple
  • Derek JEAL 13/02/2017
    Competent speedy service with easy to use form filling online. Professional service deals with just what is needed and is easy to understand.
  • Tracy Whitehouse 11/02/2017
    Very efficient and professional service. Such a simple process with all the help you could need. Would definitely use again.
  • Hari Gupta 01/02/2017
    This is a Great Service..kudos!!!!!!
  • Hannah Trickett 31/01/2017
    Very simple and straight forward to use, don't know why I even thought I would need to pay a solicitor hundreds of pounds to do this for me!
  • Sunil Sampat 24/01/2017
    As always prompt and efficient service!
    Simkap Ltd - Accounting & Taxation Services
  • Edward Hadas 21/01/2017
  • VERA EZENWA 19/01/2017
    I am always surprised by the efficiency of the Company Wizard team. I have registered many companies for myself and others through Company Wizard.
  • peter harris 18/01/2017
    very easy and quick to form company no hitches
  • Kathryn Davies 12/01/2017
    very easy to use
  • Harry Sorsby 12/01/2017
    Excellent, the only drawback is Companies House
    excellent... great job
  • Pietro Dragone 06/01/2017
    Disponibili e professionali.
  • karl cobane 03/01/2017
  • Julie Weaver 30/12/2016
    Easy and straight forward step by step guide.
  • john Blackett 28/12/2016
    Fabulous response time, website very clear and precise and easy to follow. Tracking of application and information therein accurate and informative.
  • Elaine Horsley 22/12/2016
  • David Taylor 22/12/2016
    Excellent service on the same day
  • DONALD GODFREY 20/12/2016
    excellence service.... fast and reliable. i have already recommend it to friends and family members. keep it up guys.....
  • Adam Badi 19/12/2016
    Very impressed with the speed and professional services offered.
  • Paul Edwards 14/12/2016
    Very pleased with the simplicity of the service provided. Everything was easy to fill in and the registration was completed quickly. Very pleased.
  • stan woodhouse 12/12/2016
    Very good
  • CHRISTIE SILVANI Limited 08/12/2016
  • Roy Bello 02/12/2016
    Very Good
  • Stuart Clark 30/11/2016
    So much easier than completing all the paperwork and sending to companies house
  • Michael Rimmer 25/11/2016
    First class service - easy to use, no fuss and the jobs done. Thank you Company Wizard.
  • Leslie Japal 23/11/2016
    Been using your service for over a year now. Happy with the service and intend to continue using.
  • andrew cooke 16/11/2016
  • Richard English 15/11/2016
    As I have used you before details were still on file, so very quick to complete required details.
  • Martin Brizzolara 08/11/2016
  • Tony Banks 04/11/2016
    Very good service
  • Peter Hillier 28/10/2016
  • David Pinder 26/10/2016
    great as always
  • Tham Tharmarasa 25/10/2016
    Very impressed! As I wanted the company on the same day!
  • Gary Baxter 20/10/2016
    Very quick and efficient
  • Martin Walton 18/10/2016
    Great easy to sue approach. Delivers exactly what it says it does.
  • Mark Greenhalgh 14/10/2016
    Good service and generally getting better. It has been made easier to get things right - automatic PSC is useful for example.
  • ROB TURNER 30/09/2016
  • Jon Gooding 25/09/2016
    Great service, and good value too.
  • Ria Doorgachurn 22/09/2016
    Good easy and simple
  • Mark Hare 21/09/2016
    very satisfied with service provided
  • Larry Ashworth Pearson 21/09/2016
    Very good value.
  • Siobhan Scantlebury 18/09/2016
    A quick and efficient way to incorporate a company. Would definitely recommend.
  • Sibusisiwe Msipa 17/09/2016
    Simple and very effective
  • Tracey Heath 16/09/2016
    Very intuitive and extremely straightforward to use.
  • Anita chonzi 13/09/2016
    the service is quick and easy to understand. very straightforward and no hidden charges.
  • Marius Bogdan Caprariu 07/09/2016
    Very good
  • Caroline Bannister 07/09/2016
    Excellent service
  • BETTY LWANGA 06/09/2016
    it was very effective for me as a novice. it is straight forward and you have the opportunity to track the progress. I would definitely recommend frie
  • Tracy Dancer 02/09/2016
    Great, easy to use.
  • Louisa Wearn 01/09/2016
    Great, simple and speedy service.
  • Julie Weaver 01/09/2016
    Very quick and straight forward to use ~ the ability to go back in and add/amend Directors' details is particularly helpful.
  • Gary Heslop 26/08/2016
    First class service (as usual)
  • james allenden 15/08/2016
    Very pleased with this service. Straightforward, quick and value for money.
  • Giulio Franzinetti 15/08/2016
  • Madison Littlejohn 12/08/2016
    Seemed straightforward
  • Victoria Rogers 11/08/2016
    Easy and quick which is why I always use Company Wizard. . I also like the fact you can log in and pick up the authentication code.
  • Shuna Griffin 05/08/2016
  • Judith Rowe 29/07/2016
    Informative, quick and easy to use service,
  • Nicholas Reed 27/07/2016
    Very impressive fast service, If you need to call for assistance they seem to know exactly what is happening with your application
  • Narinder Grewal 23/07/2016
    The best service ever.
  • Humayun Kabir 19/07/2016
  • Stephen Davies 15/07/2016
    It's good to be able to do this without having to pick up the telephone - so overall good.
  • Yvonne Higgins 12/07/2016
    Absolutely fantastic service would definitely recommend
  • Martin Fishwick 11/07/2016
    Very good as always
  • Kirpal Madahar 11/07/2016
  • Fatima Elhassan 08/07/2016
    Good- user friendly
  • Tom Barker 06/07/2016
    Its been incredibly slick and easy to use. I need to set up a bank account and look forward to hearing from Lloyds & Barclays Banks
  • Alfred Charles Chinta 06/07/2016
    A quick and painless exercise in setting up a new business and registration with companies house
  • Brian Wright 05/07/2016
    Very Good
  • Beverley Hilton 05/07/2016
  • Alfred Charles Chinta 02/07/2016
    Very good and effortless
    your services are excellent
  • Dorcas Rixson 17/06/2016
    Your usual prompt and efficient service
  • Mike Cox 10/06/2016
    Quick and easy
  • Ian McNeill 09/06/2016
    First class. Everything straightforward and user-friendly, a fast and efficient (as advertised!) and extremely good value
  • Martin Brizzolara 09/06/2016
    first class
  • David Cutler 09/06/2016
  • Colin McIlwaine 08/06/2016
    Knowledgeable and efficient
  • onome gloria abisini 06/06/2016
    I'm so impressed and grateful for your help
  • Graham Pooley 02/06/2016
    Very pleased with the service, Garrick was pleasant and helpful to deal with
    very good
  • Peter Hillier 27/05/2016
  • Sunil Sampat 25/05/2016
    As always professional and efficient!
  • Antony Joannou 20/05/2016
    Have used Company Wizard before and found it very easy to log in and use again
  • Martin Brizzolara 19/05/2016
    first class as ever - a sensitive case needing fast tracking - done in 15 minutes - thank you - martin brizzolara, bradley & co
  • Charalampos Psarros 17/05/2016
    Nice and easy, as always :) Awesome customer service too, none of that 'call centre' nonsense where you get bounced from operator to operator. Thanks.
  • John Easton 17/05/2016
    Easy to use, fairly quick and self explanatory.
  • Tadhg O Seaghdha 17/05/2016
    I've used Company Wizard for many years-I had another account before this one.This time, there were some delays but Garrick was helpful and efficient.
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  • Arshed Mahmood 29/04/2016
    regular user great service
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    Really impressed. Quick and easy to use interface.
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    Very happy with the fast efficient service as always.
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    Used this service many times, and as usual am well satisfied
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    CompanyWizard provided a very efficient, professional and cost-effective service. Excellent!
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    Excellent service and it was midnight !! UK are way ahead of most of the rest of the world. A new company in 20 minutes !!!
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    great company, super reminders.....
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    Really comprehensive, fast and user-friendly process
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    I was really impressed with the ease of using this service. I was worried that the whole process would be complex, but Company Wizard made it simple.
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    Very good, if I had known it was so easier would have used your services before
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    a very quick and slick process to start with.
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    Very good. The site is easy to use and the service prompt.
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    Very Quick and easy. I feel sorry for people who pay ££££ for incorporation....
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    Fantastic service, really easy to use. Was recommended by a friend whom set his business up through yourselves, and wasn't disappointed
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    Such a speedy turnaround! Very impressed. This is the second time in recent years that I've used Company Wizard - highly recommended. :D
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    Very efficient and prompt service. When I called to check the progress, the customer adviser was very helpful and provided sound information.
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    Absolutely top rate I needed to set up three companies and the help was there when I needed it, It was swift easy and efficient.
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    Your service is fast, efficient, and professional. This is why I used the CompanyWizard to incorporate my three companies. Keep up with the good work.
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    love your service x
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    Very easy to use, and all went smooth, 10/10 thanks Company Wizard !!
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    I was nervous to make an application & purchase real time. I was very pleased with the ease of doing so. I now hope the download is as easy.
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    It was so easy and straight forward, i have to be honest i was thinking there would be so many forms to fill in etc excellent
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    I found it ultimately a straight forward process, but initially this was not apparent to me. I got a bit bogged down by what seemed a complex matter .
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    Excellent service, were very helpful with the mistakes I made. I would definitely recommend the company to anyone .
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    Great, I wasn't sure how to go about setting company up. Your guy was helpful and informative. Communication was very good.
    Great service, thank you.
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    A very easy platform to use with clear instructions and guidance on information required and how in input.
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    Wizard have been very helpful with all my applications
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    Can't fault find as it's absolutely superb
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    As a 70 year old technophobe I'm a model of if he can do anyone can. I fully expected to pause my activity to ask questions but all was covered. Great
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    Excellent as always
  • Peter Hillier 29/06/2015
  • Stephen Slaney 26/06/2015
    Very straight forward, very simple.. Clear guidance notes enabled me to complete the application in minutes.
  • Andrew Brookes 25/06/2015
    Very good service, its always a good indication of good company when there is a setback but the company helps its client to overcome the setback!
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  • Mark Thomas 23/06/2015
    Excellent service as ever. I now have incorporated 9 companies using Wizard and its been great service everytime
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    Brilliant service, easy to follow and fast turnaround. Best I have ever used in over 30 years experience of forming companies.
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    Empire Tax and Corporate Solutions
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    Simple and easy to use. Not the first time I've used Company Wizard.
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    I have nothing except praises for your company's customer support team. Its been an absoulte pleasure. Garek was really helpful. Thank you Garek :)
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    Very good. I have both written an email and called personally. Fast and reliable in both cases. I like the web site structure as well, clear and easy.
  • Neil Griffiths 14/05/2015
    Does what I expect and software easy to use.
  • Rod Morphew 14/05/2015
    Easy to use no problems
  • Tracey Heath 12/05/2015
    Excellent service; very simple and straightforward to use. Also found the 'how to run your business' links on your final email extremely useful.
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    Excellent Service. Easy to use portal. No confusion. I high recommend this to anybody who wanted to open a new company.
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    It Has been a good experience altogether
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    The whole process was simple and easy to use. I made one phone query and that was answered promptly and clearly. I am happy to recommend the service.
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    Very happy with service. Will use again.
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    Easy to use website, straight forward instruction, company was set up within 25 hours.
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    Easy to use, good follow up on key deadlines for Companies House Returns.
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    Quick and efficient
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    Fast service, delivered with a friendly and efficient approach if assistance is needed.
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    Very professional and speedy responses!! All queries dealt with promptly. Definitely recommend them.
    S J Sampat
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    Fast, efficient and comprehensive.

    Best regards,
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    Thank you Company Wizard - You have made setting up a limited company so easy.
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    easy and quick
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    So far so good. I was impressed when Garrick answered my email within a couple of hours. It seems like a really good business. As I say, only used it
  • Elaine Horsley 17/03/2015
    Very good
  • Peter Hillier 17/03/2015
    Perfect service!!
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    It was fast and easy to incorporate our LLP. I was very pleased, not only with this, but with the fast turnaround.
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    Nice an Easy to use. With plenty of help along the way with any questions I had.
    Also very quick in setting up my ltd company
  • Graham Hayter-Smith 09/03/2015
  • Mark Greenhalgh 06/03/2015
    Service appears to work well. I was able to get on and do what I needed with no problems.
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    VERY IMPRESSED. Very simple application process, and very quick to be registered too!
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    I like Last time I was impressed from the speed and accuracy from you. That's why I glad to use the site again.
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    It is very easy to set a company up, which is great for me as many of my clients may want to go Limited. Not good for people who do not know the law
  • Roger Bolter 04/02/2015
    An extremely efficient service that does what it says on the can!!
  • Raymond Aimson 04/02/2015
    Found the service extremely easy to use and only took a short time to complete my application. The service was excellent and would recommend to all.
  • Glen Langford 02/02/2015
    The service provided was exceptional. I submitted the application mid morning and received confirmation of the incorporation and certificate by 14:30
  • Silvani Consultancy Limited 27/01/2015
    nice website, ueasy to use, great reminder sending later on
  • Martin Ekins 26/01/2015
    A simple process with a quick turnaround.
  • Leroy Allen 23/01/2015
    I was introduced to the company wizard when i was looking to setup a company straight away,the wizard set my new company within 3 hours brilliant
  • Gary Forder 22/01/2015
    To something that i thought would be daunting.I found the whole experience of buying a company using companywizard a doddle and delight.Thank you !!
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    Very easy, efficient and good value service.
  • Ann Marie Bell 21/01/2015
  • Peter McKue 19/01/2015
    Excellent service. What can I say - Simple, straightforward and efficient. Thanks
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    Very prompt service.When I called to make an enquiry mid-application, my questions were answered very efficiently and diligently. Good service overall
  • James Myers 15/01/2015
    Excellent in every respect! I especially appreciated the telephone help I got from Glen and Garrett to get my CLG registered so quickly and easily.
  • Patrick Williams 14/01/2015
    The quality of internet data on setting up a company was excellent.
    I asked 2 questions which were answered, setting up the company was very simple
  • Craig Rossiter 12/01/2015
    Very impressed with service.
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    A very fast, efficient and professional company. They are definitely recommended.
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    System worked very well; very easy to use and affordable.
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  • Michael Kish 02/01/2015
    No problems at all. Easy to use
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    brilliant... amazingly quick service
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    Overall impressed with the service, it was quick and informative. The company was set up within time specified and all documents received via mail.
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    Very good
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    Once again it was a very easy process, step by step status is helpful and simple, good user interface and very usable. Nice.
  • Elaine Horsley 16/12/2014
    Very Good as always
  • Angela Savva 11/12/2014
    Excellent! Very quick to process, very easy to complete, and very helpful staff at the other end of the phone, too. Brilliant!
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    Very good. Simple layout, easy to navigate, no issues.
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    Professional, Efficient, speedy service , Excellent
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    Very simple to use and whole process quick and reliable
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    I've been using Company Wizard for many years and they always provide an excellent and fast service.
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    Very well presented site and nicely explained process
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    I have used Company Wizard many times and always quick and efficient every time
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    used the service many times and its fast and efficient
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    Absolutely first class service
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    All good, thank you so much. Excellent service.
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    I really appreciate it.
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    Excellent Service and very fast turnaround in the formation of a ltd. company.
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    Very easy and quick.
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    Works really well. Move easily from one form to the next.
  • David Pinder 29/10/2014
    Great as always
  • Susan Moore 28/10/2014
    Very easy to use. Good price. Better than a paper submission which is the only service available from Companies House for creation of an LLP.
  • Raymond Dickinson 23/10/2014
    Excellent. .. no problems at all
  • James Narh 20/10/2014
    I don't normally leave feed back, but your service is so efficient and on point that it's worth my time to say how great Company Wizard is.
  • Jane Austin Kotoh-mortty 17/10/2014
    I am very pleased with the service it was easy and informative will recommend anyone
    Excellent in all areas
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    Impressive - highly satisfied
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    Excellent, as always.
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    Excellent, easy, painless, straight forward and quick service.
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    Very quick and efficient service as always!
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    Very sleek and simple.
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    excellent service by garrick
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    It was very easy and clear web. Also I was very grateful for the paper copy of the registration certificate!
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    First class service, simple effective and efficient. Creates confidence and never disappointed.
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    Very Good, 1st rate
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  • Gary Heslop 13/08/2014
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    Prompt and efficient service. Easy to contact by e-mail & phone. Garrick Edralin very good, efficient and very helpful. Keep up the good work.
  • Gary Heslop 06/08/2014
    Top Class as usual
  • Roydon Leyshon 30/07/2014
    I was very impressed with your seevice from the beginning. Your web-site was professional and comprehensive, yet easy to navigate and informative.
  • Elaine Horsley 29/07/2014
  • Craig Harper 29/07/2014
    Really easy to use
  • Steve Stubbs 23/07/2014
    Very good Indeed
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    very quick and speedy
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    Very, very good so far.

    Many thanks for this service.
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    Outstanding service, easy to use and a pleasure to apply for a company. Definetly use again.
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    Brilliant! Very easy to use and a quick process.
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    Extremely impressed with this service. Very simple to use and quick. I cannot believe that I now have my first company registered in less than a day.
  • Andrew Turner 20/06/2014
    An absolutely first class service. I was able to successfully register my company and receive conformation in just over 1 hour. Very impressive.
  • Yvonne Benting 19/06/2014
    Very quick, pain-free service. Plenty of FAQs to explain everything about company formation.
  • Fiona Howells - The Hanson Partnership LLP 18/06/2014
    excellent service - fast - very pleased
  • Gary Heslop 16/06/2014
    Superb. First Class Service
  • Noemaan Butt 16/06/2014
    Super Service as always.
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    Great and quick service,
  • Florence Johnson 09/06/2014
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    Excellent service. Fast efficient and easy to follow
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    very impressive
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    Efficient on line service. Your telephone services was available immediately to answer a question regarding incorporation. All docs received in time
  • David Wilson 02/06/2014
    Very easy to follow.
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    Excellent service

    Yvonne Higgins
  • Joseph McDonnell 30/05/2014
    Excellent - very smooth operation
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  • Adrian Foster 22/05/2014
    Quick and easy
  • Jonathan Zevallos Rodriguez 20/05/2014
    Sir, Thank you very much for you professional job, I am very happy to use your services. All this year your professional services is at 100%, good quality and punctuality.
    On behalf of: INT
  • Liam Furr 16/05/2014
    I use Company Wizard periodically. I am always impressed with the simplicity and speed at which you operate. A big 'thank you'.
  • John Denny 15/05/2014
    First Class! Quick and easy!
  • Helen Solomon 14/05/2014
    As always, easy to use and completed efficiently .
  • Gary Cooper 13/05/2014
    A straight forward and seamless service that does what is says on the tin!
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    Efficient online service
  • Yvonne Field 12/05/2014
    Quick professional service. My queries before incorporation we answered promotely and very expertly. Thanks.
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    Simple process took very little time from start to finish.
  • Narendra Vora 09/05/2014
    Very impressed with the speed of formation of a company.
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    Thought all was very easy to use and allowed for a prompt user experience
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    speedy;no hassle
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    much easier than company's house directly
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    Very good have used before will do again.
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    Simple, easy to use.
  • Gary Heslop 02/04/2014
    First Class Service as usual
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    Very good, easy to use. Prompt completion.
  • Jenifer Crandley 21/03/2014
    Excellent service, very speedy and efficient indeed.
  • Peter Hillier 21/03/2014
    Perfect - as usual
  • Dean Hart 20/03/2014
    Excellent, efficient, helpful.
  • Helen Solomon 19/03/2014
    This is the 2nd Company i have incorporated for clients in 2 days Excellent
  • Helen Solomon 19/03/2014
    Easy to use web site.
    Clear instructions. Efficient service.
  • Robert Eddy 06/03/2014
    Quick clear and simple to use
  • Gary Heslop 05/03/2014
    First Class Service
  • Glynn Brasington 01/03/2014
    Very efficient and easy to use
  • Tamsinc Crossland 27/02/2014
    Very pleased with the site. My company needs were simply an easily met
  • Tara McKeen 26/02/2014
  • Soumitra Maity 25/02/2014
    Its very east to registered a company in UK
  • Mike Cox 24/02/2014
    Very quick and easy service. I recommend it
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    Fine and Quick
  • Dawn Goddard 17/02/2014
    I keep coming back to Company Wizard for quick turnaround and ease of use
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    veery good ,the company was set up within the allted time
  • Steve Stubbs 06/02/2014
  • Gary Heslop 28/01/2014
    Absolutely superb
  • James Perkins 27/01/2014
    Good service, easy to use and good value.
  • Michael Robinson 22/01/2014
    Very straightforward. Lots of useful advice in the FAQs.
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    Add a function that lets you use officers used in previous incorporations.
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  • Sarah Gibson 05/05/2009
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  • Owain Rees 12/07/2007
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    does what it says on the 'tin'
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    Thank You!
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    Reasonable web design. A very fast turn round of the actuual registration.
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    Very simple and efficient and prompt too.
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    Thankyou for your help and support in making
    it possible to start my own co
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    Very easy and convenient, like the 'wizard' approach to setting things up
  • Chris Archer 06/04/2007
    Very Pleased
  • Stephen Mckelvey 04/04/2007
    Very happy with things they went in regeristing
  • Matthew Walker 03/04/2007
    Efficient and easy to use - a login screen would be good as a regular user
  • Jonathan Michael Womersley 03/04/2007
    Very well laid out.
  • Stuart Ogilvie 03/04/2007
  • Jon McGee 03/04/2007
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    Good-it is the second company I have incorporated through your organisation
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    Good service. Less expensive phone access might be an idea.
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    I was very impressed with setting up a LTD Company less than 10 minutes
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