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The difference between designated and non-designated members

A Limited Liability Partnership consists of a number of members. A member of an LLP may be a designated member as recognised in the Companies Act. At any given time an LLP must have a minimum of two designated members. A designated member will command the same rights and responsibilities as a non-designated member with the exception of several additional points.
  • A designated member has the freedom to appoint an auditor.
  • A designated member may sign the accounts on the behalf of another member
  • A designated member may deliver the annual accounts to the Registrar of Companies at Companies House.
  • A designated member may notify the registrar of any secretarial changes via the appropriate Companies House form. E.g. change of registered office address, change of member particulars, etc.
  • A designated member may prepare the annual return and fulfil any procedures necessary in dissolving the limited liability partnership.
  • Designated members are accountable by law in the failure to exercise any of the abovementioned duties.

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