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Published on 28 January 2009, the Anderson Review sets out recommendations to improve the quality of guidance the Government gives to business on new regulations.

The independent review, "The Good Guidance Guide: Taking The Uncertainty Out of Regulation", focuses on the impact of health, safety and employment legislation on SMEs, as well as their guidance and support needs.

The review includes a range of recommendations such as providing smaller businesses with better guidance on regulatory compliance. Greater reliance on official guidance should ultimately reduce both the time and costs spent on red tape and regulations, and limit the risk of employment tribunals.

Other recommendations including creating a one-stop-shop offering free advice on how to comply with legislation, and creating a telephone advice service which is free to SMEs for the first year, offering insured advice that SMEs can apply knowing their business will be complying with the law.

Commissioned by the Government as part of its Enterprise Strategy, the review was undertaken by small business specialist Sarah Anderson.

The Enterprise Strategy aims to make the UK the most enterprising economy in the world and the best place to start and grow a business. It is designed to unlock the nations entrepreneurial talents; boost enterprise skills and knowledge; help new and existing business get funding to start up and grow; and ease the burden of regulation - particularly on small firms which feel its impacts most.
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