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White Label FAQ

What is the White Labels System?

The White Label system allows any individual or business to deploy our Electronic Incorporation System into their website with the minimum of fuss. The service is completely free to signup to, easy to implement and capable of generating an additional revenue stream for your business.

Can I see an example?

Yes, here is an example of a live system we use for our system company Quick File Ltd. The font style, size, color, borders, background and shaded areas are fully customisable!

How does it work?

Here is a step by step breakdown of how the system works:
  1. The end user goes onto your site and decides to form a company with you. The customer then proceeds through the forms on your website (these are deployed from our White Label system).
  2. The end user can leave and return to their application at any point by logging back on through your website. Once the end user is ready to submit their application they will be directed to your payment page.
  3. When payment has been authorised the application will be forwarded electronically to Companies House for review.
  4. Companies House will normally issue a response within 3-4 working hours.
  5. If the incorporation is successful we will send the digital and printed (if applicable) incorporation documents direct to your customer (all emails are sent with your chosen email address in the reply-to field, you can also setup your own custom SMTP, see below). If the application fails we will advise the customer of the problem so they can amend and resubmit.

Who is the White Label System for?

The White Label System is suitable for anyone with a website, the means to take a payment and a basic understanding of the company formation process.

How long does it take to setup?

The system has been designed with simplicity in mind. You will first need to register an account then you can activate the White Label service by providing some details of your website (you will see the option at the bottom of your control panel). You will also need to provide a link to your header and footer branding so the system will look as if it is running on your site.

Need help setting up the White Label system? We offer a fully managed design and payment integration service for £199.99 + vat. Find out more here.

How much money can I earn?

You are free to set your own prices on the system and we will charge a flat fee for each company. Each time we successfully process an incorporation we will debit a prepaid account. The account can be managed from your control panel and you can top up the credit at anytime you wish. Credit facilities may be arranged once you have built up some history on the system.

How much will we be charged to use the White Label system?

We do not charge a setup fee or implement any recurring charges on the White Label system. We simple charge on the basis of how many companies we form for you. We believe this is the most fair and transparent method. For up to date information on our current rates please review our rates page.

Does the system run on our website?

The White Label System runs on The Company Wizard server (under the domain but will appear as if it is running on yours due to the header and footer sections. The header and footer sections will contain your websites branding and can be modified at anytime. The illustration below shows how the header and footer banners are implemented.

white label headers and footers

Custom HTML can easily be injected into the header and footer areas allowing for a high degree of customisation.

How will the end user pay?

You will be responsible for taking the payment from your customer. Once the customer has completed the application our system will post-back a set of variables to your website, these can be used to coordinate the payment at your side. You can then choose to process the payment through a card transaction (PayPal), cheque, or bank transfer, it is entirely up to you.

How long does it take to form a company?

Providing there are no errors it will take approximately 3-4 working hours to form the company.

Can I modify my end users application?

Yes you can modify any company application details through your reseller control panel.

Can I configure emails to send through my own SMTP?

Yes we offer full support for custom SMTP servers. If you'd like all your outbound emails to route through your own SMTP email service simple contact us with the following credentials and we will set that up for you.

  • Your Company Wizard account number
  • Your SMTP host address
  • Your SMTP username
  • Your SMTP password
  • Your SMTP port number (e.g. 25, 465)

If you have any more questions about our White Label service please don't hesitate to contact us on 0845 094 0566.
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