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PayPal Account Setup

The White Label system can be easily integrated with a new or existing PayPal account by following the simple procedure below:

1. First ensure that the White Label system is configured to integrate directly with your PayPal account. You can set this option by logging into your White Label control panel and clicking on Integration Settings. You will need to input your PayPal account email once you have selected PayPal as your integration method.

2. Once you have completed step one log into your PayPal account then hover over the profiles tab then click the link 'My Selling Preferences'.

3. Under the 'Selling Online' heading you will see an option to update 'Website Prefences'. Click this link.

4. Ensure that auto return is switched on, this will instruct your browser to redirect to our confirmation page once the payment has been completed by your end user.

5. You must also ensure that a valid url has been entered into the 'Return URL' field. This is normally where the PayPal account will be redirected to after a payment is authorised. If you have been using a PayPal account for your business for some time then you may already have a url in here, in which case leave it as it is. If not then simply enter into this box.

6. Ensure that 'Payment Data Transfer' is switched on. When the end user is redirected to our confirmation page this option when enabled will cause the payment response data to be posted back to our server so we can submit the company for processing if the payment has been authorised.

6. Finally ensure that Block Non-encrypted Website Payment is switched off.

PayPal will now post back all the necessary credentials to the white label module in order to complete payment process and flag the authorised application for processing.

Adding VAT to your orders

If you are VAT registered then you will also need to configure your PayPal account to add VAT on to the total value of your orders.

To setup a regional VAT rate please follow the instructions below:

1. Log in to your PayPal account
2. Click Profile and then My Selling Preferences
3. Click to setup taxes for multiple regions

Please note that the regional tax settings are only available for PayPal business accounts.
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