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QuickFile - Free Accounting Software

In the Summer of 2010 we began a challenge to build a market leading online accounting system. We designed the new platform from the ground up focusing on the needs of the small business owner. After a great deal of tinkering we finally launched a free online version of QuickFile.

QuickFile is a fully featured bookkeeping and accounts system that introduces some brand new concepts that we are sure will save you heaps of time!

Bank Tagging

The QuickFile bank tagging system enables you to upload your bank statement and fly through the transactions, tagging each to a category, supplier or client. Our system intelligently suggests similar entries and enables you to bulk tag those items, creating all the sales invoices and receipts in the background.

Bank Tagging

Receipt Scanning Service

Are you fed up with piles of unorganised receipts? Now you can shove them all in a prepaid envelope and let QuickFile deal with the paperwork. QuickFile will digitise all your hard copy receipts and upload them to the cloud. Your purchase records will also be keyed into the system enabling your receipts to be indexed, archived and searched straight from your dashboard.

In-line Reporting

Forget those endless lists of reports you will find in most accounting systems. With QuickFile your account is like one big report. You can traverse the system with ease and quickly bring up live charts showing how much you are spending and receiving month by months for each supplier and client.

Snail Mail from your Desktop

QuickFile makes it very easy to dispatch hardcopy invoices and account statements at the click of a button. No endless stamp licking or fretting that you put the wrong invoice in the envelope!

Get Paid Quicker Online

With QuickFile you can host a fully branded client area where your clients can view, download, print and pay their invoices online. Link your QuickFile account directly into Worldpay, Paypal or SagePay and receive instant notification when an invoice is settled. You can also use Quick File to raise estimates or setup a recurring invoice for subscription based products and services.

File your VAT Returns online directly to HMRC

QuickFile hate government forms as much as you do. That's why we have integrated Quick File into HMRC to enable your VAT returns to be generated and filed electronically. QuickFile currently support invoice and cash accounting schemes with the view to add flat-rate accounting in the coming months.

Year End Accounts Production

There is no longer any headache to endure at your year end. QuickFile will assign a fully qualified accountant to oversee your year-end accounts and tax return submissions. This is all included in your flat monthly fee.

Competitive Pricing

Well, QuickFile is a free online bookkeeping and accounts package, so it doesn't get more competitive than that! If you need help with your bookkeeping, or just keeping the tax man off your back then QuickFile have a range of managed services to give you a helping hand. Check out the latest QuickFile pricing here!
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