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Invoicing in the Cloud with Quick File

10th August 2010

We are very pleased to say that our new cloud based invoicing system is now up and running in its first Beta incarnation. Quick File is part of the Company Wizard group and represents the culmination of over 6 months of development. The point of Quick File is to take a fairly mundane task and to turn it on its head to create something that is intuitive and engaging to use.

The Quick File platform runs entirely online and enables freelancers and business owners alike to manage all their invoices in one place. You can easily produce professional looking branded invoices coupled with a dedicated client area through which your clients can login to review, print and ultimately pay their invoices.

Quick File enables you to send invoices by post at the click of a button as well as by invoice with your own customised messages. The days of managing your invoices on Word and Excel are officially over!

Quick File is currently Beta testing the Invoicing system and consequently all new accounts are free and unlimited.

Click here to find out more about Quick File invoicing software.
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