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Share Classes

When forming a new limited by shares company it's possible to define more than one class of share. These share classes may confer different voting and dividend rights to the holder. Share classes are often defined alphabetically, e.g. A, B, C shares etc.

When you form your company with Company Wizard we will create a single class of share that provides the shareholder with full rights in terms of voting, participation and dividends.

If you'd like to create more than one class you first need to select the check box Create multiple share classes under the Share Capital tab. This will then reveal an additional option to add a new share class.

Share class list

You can create up to 4 different classes of share in Company Wizard which will be listed in the Share Capital section. Once the shares have been created they will be available to assign to each shareholder you create under the Personnel tab.

Assign shares to shareholder

Share classes can be defined in different currencies, nominal values and with different share particulars.
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