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White Label - Server Callback

The server callback occurs when all the required information for the company formation has been collected on our server. Essentially the callback will send a number of variables back to your server or directly into a predetermined payment gateway (e.g. PayPal) thus enabling you to collect payment from the end user.

White label callback page

The url or payment where the variables are posted to is defined in your White Label integration settings. Below are the variables that are posted to this url:
  • ID - a unique numeric ID for the company
  • yourAccount - your reseller account number
  • userAccount - your end user's account number
  • packID - the package selected
  • companyName - the name of the company the end user wishes to form
  • orderStr - a string value containing a sequence of letters relating to what additional products have been ordered.
  • applicantName - the name of the end user
  • applicantEmail - the email address of the end user
  • applicantTel - the telephone number of the end user
  • orderTotal - the total value of the order (excluding vat if applicable)
  • cref - The customer reference, where applicable that was passed on the initial registration

The majority of these variables are self explanatory however to decode the orderStr variable you must use the following key:
  • A Bound memorandum and articles
  • B Printed certificate of incorporation
  • C Company register
  • D Company seal
  • E First board minutes
  • F Directors service agreement
  • G Employment contract pack
  • H Brass name plate
  • K Registered Office Service

For example if the value is BDH then the customer has ordered a printed certificate, company seal, and brass name plate.
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