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Protected Online Filing (PROOF)

Protected Online Filing (PROOF) is a Companies House scheme that enables registered companies to limit the number of changes that can be filed for a company using paper forms. This is because of a type of fraudulent activity where fraudsters submit fake filing requests to Companies House in order to hijack companies and then go on to commit further fraud.

Enrolling on the PROOF scheme will ensure that the following procedures can only be made electronically.

According to recent figures, approximately 89,000 cases of identity fraud was reported to cifas in the first half of 2017. If you suspect of any of the following changes have been made fraudulently you are advised to contact Companies House immediately.

  • A registered office has been changed without the officers knowledge or approval.
  • An officer has been:
  • The name of a company has been changed without consent.
  • A company is using an address as their registered office without consent.

If you suspect any of the above you should report the matter to Companies House using the email [email protected]

You can register for PROOF directly from the Companies House WebFiling portal. If you incorporated your company with us then we can do this for you if you get in touch.

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