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Bespoke Articles Template Pack (£9.99)

The Company Wizard bespoke Articles serve to build upon the existing framework of the Model Articles of Association (SI 2008 No. 3229). This draft is compliant with the latest Companies Act and is suitable for use with small to medium sized commercial companies.

The Articles seek to clarify and amend the following provisions.
  • General director proceedings
  • Provisions for single member companies
  • Dealing with conflicts of interest
  • Director appointments and resignations
  • Alternate directors and proceedings
  • Issuing share nil and partly paid up shares
  • Lien on shares
  • Call on shares and forfeiture
  • Proceedings for authorising and issuing dividends
  • Notices and voting at general meetings
  • Transmission of shares and pre-emption rights
  • The company seal

The Articles are delivered in Microsoft Word format and are intended for use in conjunction with our company registration guide.

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