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Company Share Classes - A and B Shares

When forming a new Limited Company you may decide to attribute different rights to different shareholders, this can be done by creating unique share classes, e.g. A and B shares. The assigned rights for a given share class can vary but often seek to modify voting power or a shareholder's claim to any distributed profits.

Shares are usually ranked pari passu, which means "on an equal footing", share classes provide a means to differentiate any rights or restrictions for individuals or groups of shareholders.

Creating Share Classes

When you form a limited company with The Company Wizard we allow up to 4 individual share classes to be created. If you would like to incorporate your company with multiple share classes please contact us.

There is an additional fee of £15 + vat (up to 2 share classes) or £25 + vat (up to 4 share classes). Once you have stated your application, please contact us and we will provide you with any further instructions.

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