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Part 1 of the IN01 form covers the proposed company name, the company type, the registered office address and the articles of association. Lets start with the company name.

Your Company Name - A1

The company name must have the word limited on the end (With the exception of some non-profit companies). The name must also be unique, i.e. it can't already by registered at Companies House. From October the 1st 2009, Companies House will reject names that they deem to be similar. For example including the word services, UK or group will not be sufficient to make it unique from any existing company that would otherwise be the same if these words were removed.

Sensitive Words - A2

Companies House may ask for supporting documentation where the name you have chosen includes what they would refer to as a sensitive word. Some of the more common sensitive words are Group, Holdings, International, British, National etc. Such words may infer that the company is of a certain size, structure or engaged in a particular regulated activity. There are over 100 sensitive words requiring supporting evidence. Please refer to the following page for a comprehensive overview of the most commons sensitive words.

Sensitive Words

Section 60 Exemption - A3

A company may in certain circumstance opt to exclude the Limited suffix from it's name. This is normally only permitted for non-profit organisations which have a winding up clause in the articles of association.

Company Type - A4

The most common type of company for small to medium size enterprises is a private company limited by shares. This type of company will have a share capital and the issuing of shares enables the ownership and control of the company to be divided up.

A limited by guarantee company should be selected here only if the company intends to engage in non-profit activities for example charities, trust funds and flat management companies.

Company Type

The Registered Office Address - A5 and A6

The registered office is the main point of contact where Companies House will issue any statutory notices to the company. The registered office can be situated in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. You must provide a full postal address, this can be a business or residential premise, providing the directors can access the address to obtain mail.

Please note: you should only use a PO BOX address if accompanied with the full address as recognised by Royal Mail.

Articles of Association (A7)

The Articles of Association is effectively the constitution for the company, the regulatory framework that sets out the procedures and protocol for holding meetings, making decisions, appointing and resigning directors, issuing shares and much more. You can obtain an up to date set of bespoke Articles for your company in our company formation template pack.

Bespoke Articles

For the purpose of this guide you will need to tick the box for option 3 and include the articles of association available in our company formation template pack.

Restricted Articles (A8)

Restricted company articles are those containing provisions for entrenchment. This will not be required for the purpose of this guide and you can now continue to Part 2.

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