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Before you get started with your application to form a limited company you will need to prepare some information and obtain the latest form (IN01) from Companies House. You can access this form using the link below:

Companies House form IN01

Unless you adopt the basic Model Articles, you will also need to include a set of Articles for your company. We have drafted a new set of Articles of Association that cover the latest implementation of the Companies Act (Last updated October 2009), these articles are ideal for small owner managed companies.

Bespoke Model Articles of Association (£9.99 + vat)The bespoke articles are available in Word format and provide additional amendments to the standard model articles. This document must be submitted to Companies House with your application.

Before you start completing the IN01 form it is worthwhile getting as much information together as possible. You will need the full name, date of birth, nationality and residential address details for all the proposed directors. You will also need the name and address of your shareholders (who will own the company). Directors can also be shareholders and you can also have a company secretary, however this is no longer a mandatory requirement.

Finally there is a statutory filing fee payable to Companies House of £40 to process your application. The cheque must be made payable to Companies House and enclosed with your application.

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