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Allotting Shares

You can allot shares for a limited company using Companies House form SH01. The SH01 form is suitable for allotments made on or after the 1st of October 2009. Unlike the previous form 88(2) the new SH01 form does not request information about the recipient of the shares allotted from the company's share capital, this information is now declared on the company's confirmation statement. To complete form SH01 you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Company Number
  • Company Name
  • Date of share allotment
  • Type of shares being issued e.g. ordinary/preference
  • Currency of shares allotted
  • Number of shares allotted
  • Nominal value of shares
  • Amount paid for shares if applicable (Consideration)
  • Amount unpaid for shares
  • Description of consideration if other than cash
  • Revised statement of capital (See notes)
  • Authorising signature
Notes on the statement of capital

There is no cost to file form SH01. You can obtain this form using the link below.

Companies House form SH01

Please note that for any new allotments or change in the denomination of issued share capital you will need to provide amended share certificates to the people concerned. You can generate a new share certificate using the following online wizard:

Share Certificate Wizard

When completed the form should be delivered to the following address:

Companies House
Crown Way
CF14 3UZ

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