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Stock Transfer Form

You can transfer shares for a private limited company between new and existing shareholders provided that the relevant notice is issued. To transfer shares for a company you will need to obtain and complete a Stock Transfer Form. To complete the stock transfer form you will be asked to provide the following information:
  • Consideration money (How much is being paid for the shares)
  • Name of Security (e.g. 100 Ordinary Shares for XYZ LIMITED)
  • Description of Security
  • Number of shares transferred
  • Name and address of transferor
  • Name and address of transferee
  • Authorising signature from both parties
  • Declaration of Stamp Duty Liability

You can obtain a stock transfer form using the link below.

Stock Transfer Form

Please note that there is a stamp duty tax liability for all stocks/shares transferred. The liability at the time of writing is 0.5% of the consideration or nominal share value. Payments are made directly to the HMRC Stamp Office.

When completed the form should be delivered to one of the two HM Revenue and Customs Stamp Offices:

Birmingham Stamp Office
9th Floor
City Centre House
30 Union street
B2 4AR

Tel: 0843 504 9315

Edinburgh Stamp Office
HM Revenue & Customs
Edinburgh Stamp Office
68 Queen Street

Please note that for any new allotments or change in the denomination of issued share capital you will need to provide amended share certificates to the people concerned. You can generate a new share certificate using the following online wizard:

Share Certificate Wizard

Any share transfers should be documented in the companies register and declared on the next annual return.

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