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On this page we have compiled a list of useful resources on our website that will help you complete your company application or manage any existing services you have with us.

1. I'm stuck with my application and I need help!

The quickest way to get help with an existing application is to call us on 0207 937 6678. Our lines are open 9:00am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday. You can also send us a message from the contact us page on our website.

There are a number of company formation support guides that will help you with different areas of the application. They can be found below.

2. General information about Limited Companies

Here are some useful resources if you want to gain a more comprehensive understanding of limited companies.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

We have a full list of frequently asked questions here.

4. How does the system work?

Have a look here to find a step by step guide to how the system works

5. I need help with the Registered Office

If are using our registered office and mail forwarding facility at High Street Kensington then you will have a dedicated control panel to manage your subscription and see any mail that has arrived for your company. You can access the control panel as soon as you log in.

6. Companies House rejected my application, what do I do?

If you have received a notice from us to inform you that your application was rejected then you must log back in and modify your company details. Normally Companies House will reject an application if it is a duplicate name or there are omissions with any of the officer details.

Don't forget to contact us once you have updated your application!

7. How do I change some details for my company?

For your convenience we have published a list of secretarial guides that explain how you can modify the records held at Companies House:

8. Free online guides to help you with VAT, bank accounts, websites, tax etc

Be sure to check out our online business guides that will help you with many subjects that you may encounter once you have incorporated your company.
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