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What is an SA302 Form?

The SA302 form (also known as your Self-Assessment Tax Calculation) provides evidence to HMRC of earnings for any particular tax year. It is an official record which is maintained by HMRC.

If you are applying for a mortgage as a self-employed person, lenders will typically ask for a copy of the SA302 form.

What is shown on the SA302 Form?

The SA302 form provides details of earnings and taxation for each tax year, including:

  • Profit from self-employment
  • Pay from any employment
  • Profit from UK land and property (for example, rental income)
  • Dividends from UK companies
  • Interest from banks, building societies, etc
  • Calculations of income tax

Who needs an SA302 form?

Anyone who is self-employed will typically need a copy of their most recent SA302 forms if they are applying for a mortgage. This can apply to sole traders, freelancers, and contractors operating through a limited company. It can also apply to company directors (unless they are under a contract of employment).

Generally, full-time employees will not need an SA302 form when applying for a mortgage because their income details are recorded through payslips and P60 forms. However, if they have multiple jobs, it may be the case that they need to have an SA302.

How do I get an SA302 form?

To get a copy of your SA302 form, you must sign in to your HMRC online account. This is typically done using the Government Gateway ID (although other methods are available). Once you have signed in to your account:

  1. Find the section “More details about your Self Assessment returns and payments”
  2. There should be a heading “Previously submitted returns” under which you should find “Get your SA302 tax calculation
  3. You should then be able to select the SA302 for the relevant year
  4. The final page shows the contents of the SA302 with an option to “Print your full calculation”. Optionally, you can save it as a PDF and email it to your mortgage provider.

The same process can be repeated for different tax years by clicking on the “Tax return options” link in the left-hand menu and then selecting the relevant year.

Can my accountant get the SA302 form for me?

Most accountants will be able to provide you with relevant copies of your SA302 forms for the purposes of mortgage applications etc.

Will my mortgage lender accept a printed SA302 form?

Most mortgage lenders will accept a self-printed SA302 form as evidence during the application process. Some may accept a PDF file instead.

They should also accept a tax calculation printed from commercial software used to submit returns (e.g. provided by your accountant). If you’re in doubt about what your provider will accept, ask them for clarification.

Please note: many mortgage lenders will also require a “Tax Year Overview” in addition to the SA302 form. This should also be available from your HMRC online account.

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